NBC News Exposes Condo Takeovers

NBC News Condo Takeover Schemes featuring Marilyn Mack
Marilyn Mack’s attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services, Nadine Cohen, says what her client is experiencing is “a new kind of takeover scheme that we think is picking up steam.” Greater Boston Legal Services lawyers say they are currently looking into at least six cases like Mack’s in Boston. read more>>.

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‘Condo Takeover Schemes’ Can Pose New Foreclosure Threat

Seth Freed Wessler
NBC News
October 6, 2014
Greater Boston Legal Services helps defend against condo takeover scam in this investigation by the NBC News "In Plain Sight" project on poverty and inequality in America.


Tenants Facing Eviction in Era of Skyrocketing Rents Need Legal Assistance

Martha Bergmark
American Prospect, The
September 18, 2014
Without legal assistance, tenants often miss crucial steps and find themselves out of a home.


When Poverty Makes You Sick, a Lawyer Can Be the Cure

Tina Rosenberg
New York Times (NYT)
July 17, 2014
Good introduction to medical-legal partnerships, explaining how they help people, doctors and lawyers. From the NYT Opinionator "Fixes" blog.

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