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Eviction looms for millions, despite new federal aid package

December 26, 2020 | Elaine Povich | Stateline , St. Louis Post-Dispatch
With the new federal moratorium set to expire in just over a month, and some state moratoriums already lifted, the winter is shaping up to be a dire one for renters and homeowners. Many of them could end up on the street. Julie Ray lives in a mobile home in Pearl River, Louisiana, with her ... Read more
Mentions: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) , National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC)

Feature, News Story (NATIONAL, Virginia, Wisconsin)

Trying to enjoy the holidays with eviction looming in the new year

December 25, 2020 | Washington Post
Weeks after pulling the eviction notice off her door, White was on the phone with an attorney from the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. She recognized the voice. It belonged to Palmer Heenan. She had faced off against him in court proceedings he had brought against her property on behalf of residents. Now, she was ... Read more
Mentions: Central Virginia Legal Aid Society

Audio, News Story (NATIONAL, Texas)

Why The CDC Eviction Ban Isn’t Really A Ban: ‘I Have Nowhere To Go’

December 20, 2020 | Chris Arnold | “I have nowhere to go. I meet all the criteria for protection,” she wrote. “I have three kids who will be homeless tomorrow morning if I can’t stop this. This is wrong.”  Tiffany Robinson, who lost her job managing construction sites in Texas, found out that what’s often referred to as the “CDC eviction ban” is ... Read more
Mentions: National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC)


Ensuring Safe, Stable Housing Should Be Top Priority For New Administration, Congress

December 18, 2020 | Sarah Chamberlain | Forbes
Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, argues that both the federal legislative and executive branches need to advocate for the right to counsel for tenants, and programs that provide free help to low-income tenants facing eviction offered by cities such as New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Minneapolis should be ... Read more

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‘All Rise for Civil Justice’ Launches With Stories and Tools for Civil Justice Advocates

Bill, a veteran of Vietnam, stands in front of his home in Southern California.

Voices has launched All Rise for Civil Justice, which tells the story of a civil justice system in crisis, the people who are hurt by it every day, the decisions that brought it to the brink, and the people trying to make it better.

All Rise supports the work of civil justice reformers by elevating stories like Sonja’s and the voices of practitioners like Andrea. The website uses video, photo essays, animations, mapping and other media to tell the stories of people living with the consequences of a civil justice system in desperate need of fixing.

The website spotlights practical solutions and dial up the urgency of repairing our broken and unequal court systems. It’s a one-stop shop for resources to better tell the stories of affected people, families and communities.