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Letter to Editor (NATIONAL, Pennsylvania)

To the Editor: Re “Eviction Crises That a Few Hundred Dollars Could Solve”

January 7, 2020 | Rachel Garland , Barrett Marshall | New York Times (NYT)
While the holiday season brought tidings of joy for some, many people go through the cold winter months facing eviction and homelessness. Many are renters who are shut out of their homes over only a few hundred dollars, often less than one month’s rent.
Mentions: Community Legal Services (CLS) of Philadelphia

News Story (Illinois)

Past marijuana convictions can be erased, but it could take years

January 5, 2020 | Barbara Vitello | Daily Herald (Illinois)
They say that while the assistance of a lawyer isn't necessary for such cases, it can be helpful to consult someone with expertise in this area.
Mentions: James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy (Evanston, IL)

News Story, Video (Pennsylvania)

Equal Justice Center Aims for Legal Representation for the Poor

January 5, 2020 | NBC 10 Philadelphia
Set to open in 2022, the Philadelphia Equal Justice Center will bring more than a dozen agencies together under one roof with the aim of providing legal representation for things like child custody disputes, protection from abuse and housing disputes for lower-income people.
Mentions: Philadelphia Bar Foundation

Op-Ed (Georgia)

Limited Representation Helps Tenants Who Would Otherwise Face Eviction Alone

December 31, 2019 | Darcy Meals | Daily Report (Georgia)
Sharing simple information about the law and the eviction process can help tenants buy time to relocate or to negotiate a different outcome with their landlords.
Mentions: Georgia State University College of Law Center for Access to Justice , Housing Court Assistance Center (Fulton County, Georgia)

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‘All Rise for Civil Justice’ Launches With Stories and Tools for Civil Justice Advocates

Bill, a veteran of Vietnam, stands in front of his home in Southern California.

Voices has launched All Rise for Civil Justice, which tells the story of a civil justice system in crisis, the people who are hurt by it every day, the decisions that brought it to the brink, and the people trying to make it better.

All Rise supports the work of civil justice reformers by elevating stories like Sonja’s and the voices of practitioners like Andrea. The website uses video, photo essays, animations, mapping and other media to tell the stories of people living with the consequences of a civil justice system in desperate need of fixing.

The website spotlights practical solutions and dial up the urgency of repairing our broken and unequal court systems. It’s a one-stop shop for resources to better tell the stories of affected people, families and communities.