Training: CW

Warm-up tasks

Start with the pop quiz.

Mac scroll bar display preference

Please use the info on this page to see how this option is configured on your Mac laptop. Don’t change anything unless you want to. It’s a preference. On your Mac laptop, in your system preferences, is “show scroll bars” set to “Always”?

Look at the front page of the site, at the right sidebar. In the Twitter feed, see if you can see the scroll bar when you hover your cursor, depending on the preference you selected. Change the preference and see how it works.

Edit Salesforce sign up forms (team task for Camille and Elizabeth)

There are now two new signup forms for Canada and all other countries. Also, the main signup form is now for US states and territories. (There is a backup of the original form for all countries.) If you click on the yellow button in the upper right, you’ll go to the US form. On it, there are links to the two other signup pages.

Please use the info on this how-to page to perform the following tasks:

1) On the Canada signup page, there is a province called “other province” offered as a choice. “Other province” is not allowed by Salesforce and will cause problems. Please remove it. Please duplicate the Canada page first, then edit the duplicate.

On the US signup page (Please duplicate the US page first, then edit the duplicate):
2) There is a province called “other province” offered as a choice. Please remove it.

3) Also, change the label that says “State/Province” to “State/Territory”.

4) When the edits of the US and Canada forms are done, go to the actual signup pages and replace the Salesforce Form shortcode, so the new form goes live on the same page. (I can show you this part.)