Sam Scarrow, former Executive Director of Voices for Civil Justice

Sam Scarrow headshot cropped

As executive director of Voices for Civil Justice, Sam Scarrow oversaw media strategy, message development, and strategic partnerships with a growing network of more than 1,700 civil justice advocates in all 50 states. He worked to give a platform in national and local media to people facing crises with civil legal aspects as they navigate an inaccessible civil justice system. Through trainings and workshops, he built the capacity of civil justice advocates to use the media as a tool of client and social advocacy.

Sam has worked in nonprofit communications, operations for campaigns and nonprofits, and campaign organizing for nearly a decade. As a communications consultant at BerlinRosen, he delivered high-impact opinion and news placements for nonprofit and social justice clients, including Voices for Civil Justice. It was in that role that his eyes were opened to the striking injustice of the civil justice system, and through that experience he found his way to the Voices staff.

Sam organized grassroots volunteers for the Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2014 and ran operations and fundraising in Pennsylvania on a US Senate race in 2015. Prior to that, he was a communications staffer for the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus.