Blog of Voices for Civil Justice: 2015 Archives

A Call for New Reports and Research in 2016

December 18, 2015
We are finding that reports and research are among our best news hooks to pitch to journalists, so please keep Voices in mind as you plan for 2016. We’re excited to close out 2015 with a very strong example of what’s possible.

Using Op-Eds to Raise the Profile of Civil Legal Aid

September 30, 2015
by Elizabeth Arledge

Early this month, as we were contemplating media opportunities related to new poverty data slated to be released by the U.S. Census Bureau, we wondered: What might happen if we invited members of the JusticeVoices network to write op-eds for local publication, using the news hook offered by the updated numbers?

Applying for HAMP? You’ll Need a Lawyer. Plus, 10 Years Post-Katrina, Civil Legal Aid Still Key to Recovery

August 31, 2015
If July was a “hot” month for civil legal aid in the media, August was no slouch either. Here are a few late-summer developments.

Think Miracle Whip

August 24, 2015
In these last dog days of summer, we call your attention to…Miracle Whip! That's right - Miracle Whip dressing. Kraft Foods spends 90 percent of its Miracle Whip marketing dollars on people who already use it. We can employ this approach to build a strong brand for civil legal aid as well. After all, in civil legal aid as in dressing, the “base” - that's you! - is the best messenger.

A Hot July for Civil Legal Aid

July 31, 2015
by Elizabeth Arledge

July was a blockbuster month for civil legal aid in the media, thanks in large measure to your willingness – from staff attorneys to a cabinet level secretary – to raise your voices on behalf of civil legal aid. Legal aid was featured in national news stories, a popular NPR show, first-person posts and the TalkPoverty Radio. This roundup, with links, tells how the JusticeVoices network made it happen.

Getting In On The Action

July 17, 2015
by Martha Bergmark

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed an exciting uptick in the number of media pieces that cite civil legal aid programs and advocates as sources. Now we have an opportunity to improve our messaging and how we are portrayed in the media.

American Lawyer Magazine calls on largest firms to increase support for civil legal aid

June 29, 2015
Kudos to American Lawyer Magazine today for boldly challenging Big Law to boost its support for civil legal aid.

2 Strong Media Hits, 2 Good Models

March 23, 2015
by Elizabeth Arledge

Two recent media hits show how Voices can work with legal aid advocates to produce strong media coverage.