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  • Connect with expert sources – There are civil legal aid attorneys on the front lines whom you can quote.
  • Find client stories – Get personal perspectives from people to help tell your story.
  • Identify fresh facts – This includes examples of ongoing or past lawsuits, civil justice trends, and recent reports.

Make the civil justice connection to your beat or story focus

Civil legal aid relates to a broad array of social and economic topics and trends. This includes areas as diverse as housing and homelessness, domestic violence, consumer debt, access to health care, environmental policy, inequality, access to the justice system and more.

Every day, millions of Americans interact with the civil justice system. A veteran applies for benefits. A homeowner deals with the bank or a mortgage servicer. A consumer is facing a debt collector. A renter fights an unlawful eviction. All of these are legal problems and lawyers work to make sure those protections are not violated.

Find stories and examples in your community or state

Whatever your focus, legal aid attorneys are working on those same issues in every state in the country. For example, here’s what’s happening in rural areas.

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Here are selected press clips that best tell the story of civil legal aid. On that page, you can refine the filter by state, topic, etc.