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Add to your story through our national network of sources 
Voices for Civil Justice organizes a 50-state 1200-member network of advocates and experts from the civil justice community to support reporters with sourcing. In areas as diverse as housing and homelessness, domestic violence, consumer debt, access to health care, environmental policy, inequality, access to the justice system and more, civil legal aid attorneys and their clients are available to speak to you.

We connect you with legal experts to help you make your deadline. We help you find personal perspectives to tell your story. And we find examples of ongoing or past lawsuits, civil justice trends, and recent reports to help you put an issue into context.

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How to connect
Voices’ Executive Director, Martha Bergmark, is a nationally recognized leader who can speak about the crisis in civil justice, the courts, and the national movement to achieve justice for all. To schedule an interview please email or call (202) 372-9029.

If you are looking to partner with us on a network request, you can reach out to us at any time.

Find stories and examples in your state or town
Every day, millions of Americans interact with the civil justice system. A veteran applies for benefits. A homeowner deals with the bank or a mortgage servicer. A consumer is facing a debt collector. A renter fights an unlawful eviction.

Whatever your beat or story focus, legal aid attorneys are working on those same issues in every state in the country.


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