Wisconsin (WI) Civil Legal Aid

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Civil Legal Aid Providers Related to This Geographic Area

ABC for Health (Wisconsin) -- Founded 1994. Advocacy and Benefits Counseling for Health, Inc., is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit public interest law firm ensuring health care access for children and families.

BadgerLaw.net (Wisconsin) -- Website gateway to internet resources on public interest law legal issues in Wisconsin. Maintained by Legal Action of Wisconsin.

Centro Legal (WI) -- Provides free and low-cost legal services for individuals and families in Milwaukee County

Disability Rights Wisconsin -- Private non profit organization founded in 1977. Designated by the Governor to ensure the rights of all state citizens with disabilities through individual advocacy and system change.

Legal Action of Wisconsin -- Established in 1968, a non-profit law firm with offices in six cities, serving 39 southern Wisconsin counties.

Neighborhood Law Clinic (Madison, Wisconsin) -- Community-based poverty law clinic located in Madison, Wisconsin. It is affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Organizations (not Providers) Related to This Geographic Area

Selected, incomplete list of organizations that have done something relating to civil legal aid. Listing below does not imply endorsement.

Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission (WISATJ) -- The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission was created in 2009 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court at the request of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation -- Created in 1986 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Brings Wisconsin’s legal and financial communities together to generate funds which are used to make grants to agencies providing civil legal aid to Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents.

Other Information Sources

Access to Justice Initiative: Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission (WISATJ)

LSC state grantee profile: LSC-Funded Programs in Wisconsin

National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel: Wisconsin

American Bar Association: Resources for people without a lawyer in Wisconsin

Press Clips Covering This Geographic Area

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