Wyoming (WY) Civil Legal Aid

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Civil Legal Aid Providers Related to This Geographic Area

Teton County Access to Justice Center (Jackson, WY) -- A self-help legal resource center, offering reference assistance in legal resources.

Wyoming P&A System -- Established in 1977. Is a nonprofit corporation authorized by Congress to implement several federal laws to protect the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities.

Organizations (not Providers) Related to This Geographic Area

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Equal Justice Wyoming (formerly Wyoming Center for Legal Aid) -- Was called Wyoming Center for Legal Aid. State funded civil legal services program providing infrastructure. Does not accept clients. Separate from Legal Aid of Wyoming, a legal clinic.

Wyoming Access to Justice Commission (AJC) -- The Access to Justice Commission was established by Court Order on December 16, 2008. Its mission is to promote fair and equal access to civil justice in Wyoming.

Other Information Sources

Access to Justice Initiative: Wyoming Access to Justice Commission (AJC)

LSC state grantee profile: LSC-Funded Programs in Wyoming (Legal Aid of Wyoming)

National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel: Wyoming

American Bar Association: Resources for people without a lawyer in Wyoming

Press Clips Covering This Geographic Area

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