Multimedia content production on a budget

Powerful, well-told stories are the beating heart of effective advocacy. Here are some resources to take your civil justice reform storytelling to the next level.

These video recordings of webinars offered by BrieflyStudios will help you learn the technical aspects of storytelling with an impact.

Multimedia Content Crash Course for Legal Aid Organizations and Courts

Producing multimedia content without breaking the bank can be a challenge. This 48-minute webinar provides expert advice about:

  • Content planning and strategy;
  • Creating video, audio and text content
  • Practical tips on how to find cheap or free training, production software and equipment.

Budgeting and Planning for Content Projects

This 68-minute webinar covers

  • Line items in a content budget
  • How to price and budget for video, audio, text and print-based projects
  • Market rates for various services and equipment
  • Allocating staff resources to content projects
  • Tips for saving money and time

See examples of content BrieflyStudios created for legal aid providers in several states here.