Types of social media videos

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This video menu offers video concepts to promote advocacy groups on Facebook. These videos formats have all been selected since they are persuasive, popular online, and quick to produce. Choose one of the video concepts below.

Stock photo newsreel

To convey the same concepts as an animated explainer on a more efficient production schedule, we suggest creating a video that adds animated text to stock and newsreel footage of relevant themes. This video format, popularized by NowThis, is a perennial favorite online because it’s snackable but informative, holding viewers’ attention while equipping them with the tools to engage in newsworthy conversation with friends. Moreover, these videos can be templatized for rapid response should a news story demand special attention in the future.

See an example from the Twitter account of NowThis about Black women’s sufferage.

Straight-to-camera appeal

With a testimonial, the urgency of the civil justice crisis can cut through the noise of policy to reach a personal core. Elevate the voices of people confronting civil justice challenges through quick, inexpensive confessional-style videos.

See an example from Twitter on out-of-control drug prices

The unlikely advocate

While civil justice reform may be associated with the political left, the consequences of this crisis won’t discriminate by political party. This video, although similar in format to the emotional appeal straight-to-camera, will focus on its subject’s journey to the realization that self preservation is more important than conventional partisan politics.

See an example from Youtube of parents expressing hope that their lesbian daughter will be free to marry.

Brand anthem video

A “brand anthem video” is a 30- to 60-second piece that engages audiences on an emotional level to cultivate an ongoing connection. A successful brand anthem video has a simple, unified message. Images and a few powerful words should tell your story. The example here is the centerpiece of a new national marketing campaign to recruit lawyer volunteers to provide disaster legal aid. See the example below: