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The Lexington Herald-Leader and Kentucky.com is committed to being Central and Eastern Kentucky’s primary source of news, advertising, information and commentary. It will sustain this commitment by upholding the highest standards of journalism while providing superior customer service and striving to improve readership and profitability.


News Story

They helped 50,000 with free legal aid last year. Bevin wants to cut their budget

Will Wright
Lexington Herald-Leader
January 19, 2018
Directors of the state’s civil legal aid programs warned in a joint letter Thursday that Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed state budget would leave thousands of low-income Kentuckians without access to essential legal assistance.


Urgent need for pro-bono lawyers to aid Conn clients

John Rosenberg
Lexington Herald-Leader
June 16, 2015
Op-ed detailing the pressing need for pro bono help in the wake of the Eric Conn scandal in Kentucky.

News Story

Suit filed against Eastern Kentucky disability lawyer as legal aid group offers help to hundreds facing suspension of benefits

Will Wright, Bill Estep
Lexington Herald-Leader
May 29, 2015
An attorney at the center of a controversy over Eastern Kentucky disability cases committed unethical and fraudulent acts in representing hundreds of people, two former clients charged in a lawsuit.

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