Texas Low Income Housing Information Service (TxLIHIS)

Nonprofit established in Austin in 1988 by a concerned group of community leaders, nonprofit, public and private housing providers and low-income people.
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Primary geographic focus: Texas
Organization type(s): Provider
Acronym or short name: TxLIHIS

Our values dictate that we seek opportunities for low-income people and communities to solve unmet challenges through a self-help approach. Our recent areas of work, outlined below, illustrate our application of our values to problems and opportunities.

Our mission is to support low-income Texans’ efforts to achieve the American dream of a decent, affordable home in a quality neighborhood. We believe that Texas’ critical low income housing and community development needs can best be solved through a public-private partnership led by the initiative of low-income Texans and supported by government, the private sector, and the general public.



Has America Given Up on the Dream of Racial Integration?

Alana Semuels
Atlantic, The
June 19, 2015
This feature dives into the history on racial integration in housing through the story of the city of Beaumont, Texas.

News Story

The Supreme Court Walks a Fine Line on Race

Alana Semuels
Atlantic, The
June 25, 2015
As the Supreme Court rules in favor of disparate impact claims under the Fair Housing Act, segregation remains.

News Story , Video

Legal Group Files to Stop New Harbor Bridge Construction

KIII TV (TX) (local ABC)
August 12, 2015
A Texas legal aid group has filed a federal complaint to halt construction of the new Harbor Bridge and a citizen's group is applauding the effort.

News Story

Renters find extra hurdles to recovery after hurricanes

Claudia Lauer, Adriana Gómez Licón
Associated Press (AP)
October 13, 2017
Rental housing has been a concern in many cities in Texas and Florida after hurricanes Harvey and Irma flooded tens of thousands of homes.

News Story

Harvey victims say FEMA hotel program plagued by confusion

Giulia Afiune
Texas Tribune
December 18, 2017
Two Texans displaced by Harvey who say they were kicked off the hotel assistance program are confused by FEMA's explanation — or lack of one.

News Story

Experiment with post-Harvey housing helps far fewer than expected

Rebecca Elliott, James Drew
Houston Chronicle
March 9, 2018
Rather than muscling up its program for short-term housing, FEMA called on the state of Texas to help find trailers, lease apartments and repair flood victims’ homes.

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