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HRW: Rubber-stamp justice punishes the poor

Al Jazeera America
January 21, 2016
New report outlines how debt-buying practices push the poor further into poverty and abuse the court system.


For criminal justice reform, look to civil legal aid

David Udell
Al Jazeera America
September 5, 2015
Any reform on criminal justice will fall short unless our leaders recognize that being smart on crime requires being just as smart on civil justice.


Court fees trap ex-inmates in a prison of debt

E. Tammy Kim
Al Jazeera America
August 5, 2015
In Washington state, formerly incarcerated men and women face massive debts and a 12 percent interest rate.


Equal justice remains elusive for the poor

Lauren Carasik
Al Jazeera America
June 29, 2015
Op-ed pointing out that equal justice remains elusive for millions of poor and low-income Americans. And the failure to provide meaningful access to representation runs afoul of regional and international human rights norms.

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