Coalition for the Homeless (DC) (DCCFH)

The agency’s efforts are focused on housing and direct services. Helping to transition homeless and at risk individuals and families to self-sufficiency through programs and supportive services.
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Primary geographic focus: District of Columbia
Organization type(s): National Association, Provider, Research/Policy/Organizing
Acronym or short name: DCCFH



How to Fight Homelessness

Mark D. Levine, Mary Brosnahan
New York Times (NYT)
October 19, 2015
With over 58,000 people in our shelter system every night, and thousands more sleeping on the streets, concern about homelessness in New York City has reached a fever pitch.

News Story

Here’s how homeless kids and families are trying to survive in one of America’s richest cities

Tana Ganeva
Raw Story
July 11, 2015
Conditions for the homeless are getting worse in New York. Affordability in housing is the main barrier as shelters are overburdened.

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