Tacoma News Tribune (WA)

A daily newspaper in Tacoma, Washington. Circulation is close to 80,000.
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Primary geographic focus: Washington
Organization type(s): Media



Liberty and justice for Tacomans jeopardized

Derek Kilmer
Tacoma News Tribune (WA)
June 25, 2017
Our legal system shouldn’t deny justice to working families and veterans. Those on fixed incomes shouldn’t be cut out of our legal system.


Washington must recommit to justice for all

Rob McKenna
Tacoma News Tribune (WA)
March 18, 2017
Washington’s civil justice system, though, currently fails to provide justice for all. Access to the system to protect basic legal rights is too often available only to those who can afford the cost of hiring an attorney.


Justice shouldn’t be denied to low-income citizens

Christine Kilduff
Tacoma News Tribune (WA)
January 7, 2016
Low-income households in Washington face an average of 9.3 civil legal problems each year. State must restore cuts to civil legal aid to ensure justice for all.

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