Richmond Times-Dispatch

The primary daily newspaper in Richmond. It is also the primary newspaper of record for the state of Virginia. With roughly 100,000, it has the second-highest circulation of any Virginia newspaper.
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Primary geographic focus: Virginia
Organization type(s): Media
Acronym or short name: RTD


News Story

Study finds ‘stunning’ justice gap in Virginia civil cases

Frank Green
Richmond Times-Dispatch
May 3, 2018
The high volume of cases moves efficiently through courtrooms that often are largely empty - in large part because usually only the plaintiffs have a lawyer and often even the defendants do not appear and represent themselves.

News Story

Federal housing agency investigating alleged civil rights violations in Hopewell

Katy Burnwell Evans
Richmond Times-Dispatch
March 8, 2017
Federal housing officials are conducting a wide-ranging investigation of whether the civil rights of Hopewell public housing residents were violated in two redevelopment projects touted as a win-win for the city and its poor.

News Story

Mobile home residents file federal lawsuit alleging Richmond is violating Latinos’ civil rights

Katy Burnell Evans
Richmond Times-Dispatch
August 18, 2015
Dozens of mobile home park residents sued the city of Richmond on Tuesday over an “illegal and racially discriminatory” policy that they say targets Latinos.

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