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News Story

VA school discipline is ‘widespread, discriminatory,’ study says

Lisa Suhay
Christian Science Monitor
May 19, 2016
Virginia disproportionately suspends African-American boys and those with disabilities for issues that are often minor, frequently entangling children in the law enforcement system.

News Story

California’s two different visions for better foster care

Jessica Mendoza
Christian Science Monitor
March 9, 2016
In California, there's momentum to move more foster kids into families, not group homes. But for some kids, group homes can feel like family, too. The lessons could echo nationwide.

News Story

For Mexico’s migrant workers, a push for cross-border justice

Whitney Eulich
Christian Science Monitor
December 14, 2015
Over the past decade, lawyers like Miguel and migrant advocates on both sides of the border have worked together to short circuit a guest-worker system that relies on laborers not knowing they are entitled to legal recourse.

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