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Daily broadsheet newspaper based in Spokane, Washington, where it is the city's only daily publication. Circulation: Daily: 76,291. Sunday: 95,939
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State should bolster civil legal aid

Peter Grabicki, Greg Tripp
Spokesman-Review (WA)
May 21, 2017
For those of us who work in the legal system across Washington state, we share a commitment to making sure everyone has access to justice, regardless of their income.


Shortage of legal aid tips the scales of justice against the poor

Shawn Vestal
Spokesman-Review (WA)
December 30, 2016
Large majorities of low-income households face serious legal issues each year, and large majorities do not seek or receive the help of an attorney.


Bet on bill to steer veterans to legal help

Spokesman-Review (WA)
January 16, 2016
If you are of a betting persuasion, take the odds on swift legislative action on bills that will help Washington veterans find free legal representation.

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