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Private Prison Companies Ready to Cash In on Throwing Out Immigrants

Justin Glawe
Daily Beast
November 18, 2016
It doesn’t matter that children caught pneumonia in one detention center, the business that runs it sees boom times with Donald Trump’s plan to lock up millions.


For Nebraska’s Poor, Get Sick and Get Sued

Paul Kiel
ProPublica, Daily Beast
April 28, 2016
Cheap court fees and looser rules make suing over medical debts as small as $60 easy. Every year Nebraska collection agencies file lawsuits by the tens of thousands.

News Story

Virginia Jails People for Even Smelling Like Alcohol

M.L. Nestel
Daily Beast
March 16, 2016
A class-action lawsuit accuses cops and prosecutors of locking up people as “habitual drunkards” after placing them on a secret blacklist that bans them from booze.

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