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Online news service that focuses on neighborhood news in New York City and Chicago.
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Primary geographic focus: Illinois, New York
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News Story

Foreclosure Help for Homeowners Under Threat, Advocates Warn

Amy Zimmer
DNAinfo (NYC and Chicago)
March 7, 2017
Funding for the 32 legal aid and nonprofits in the city that provide free help to homeowners needing loan modifications or other assistance may soon disappear.

News Story

Beware of Tactics Landlords Use to Evict Rent-Stabilized Tenants

Amy Zimmer, Jeanmarie Evelly
DNAinfo (NYC and Chicago)
October 25, 2016
While the de Blasio administration has increased funding for free legal services for tenants, lawyers working with low-income New Yorkers say that isn't solving the problem, citing the arsenal of strategies landlords can use to evict rent-stabilized tenants.

News Story

Landlord Cuts Cooking Gas To Force Out Elderly Tenants, Lawyers Say

Allegra Hobbs
DNAinfo (NYC and Chicago)
March 24, 2016
A landlord is trying to push out a handful of elderly rent-stabilized tenants by depriving them of cooking gas after harassing them with buyout offers did not do the job, say residents.

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