Child Care Law Center (California)

Since 1980, Child Care Law Center has worked to break down legal barriers between families in need and good, affordable child care. HQ in San Francisco.

Primary geographic focus: California
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Children & Juvenile, Civil Rights, Disability Rights

The Child Care Law Center began in 1980 as the Bay Area Child Care Law Project.  Today, the organization’s attorneys work to break down the legal barriers standing between families in need and good, affordable child care. The Child Care Law Center educates parents and child care providers, advises advocates and policymakers, provides legal information and referrals, and litigates high-impact cases.

The Child Care Law Center envisions a California where child care is a civil right, not a benefit; where equal opportunity begins with equal access to safe and healthy child care; and where parents can support their families without sacrificing their children’s well-being.

The Child Care Law Center works on federal and state subsidies, regulation and licensing, civil rights and disability, housing rights, and economic development and planning. Additionally, the Child Care Law Center serves as a Support Center for Qualified Legal Services Programs in California.

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