Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC) (San Jose, CA)

With the support of Santa Clara University School of Law, provides pro-bono legal representation to the region.

Primary geographic focus: California
Organization type(s): Law School, Provider
Acronym or short name: KGACLC
Tags: Consumer Protection, Immigration Process, Law School Clinics, Workers Rights

With the support of Santa Clara University School of Law, the legal community, community organizations, foundations, governmental entities and dedicated individuals, the Alexander Community Law Center:

  • provides pro bono legal representation to low income individuals in the areas of consumer law, immigration law, workers’ rights and certain tax-related matters, and helps low income individuals understand and enforce their legal rights;
  • educates law students through client representation under the direct supervision of experienced attorneys;
  • increases community awareness about consumer law, immigration law and workers’ rights
  • effects social change by working with legislators and law reform committees to effectuate changes in the law to improve the rights of low-income individuals

The East San Jose Community Law Center (ESJCLC) began in 1993 as a volunteer effort of La Raza Law Students Association at Santa Clara University to help day laborers collect wages they were due. In 2004, George Alexander, a former professor and dean of the Santa Clara School of Law, and his wife, Katharine, made a generous donation to the East San Jose Community Law Center’s endowment. In recognition of their gesture, the ESJCLC was officially renamed the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center.

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