Worksafe (California)

Worksafe seeks to eliminate workplace hazards and advocates for injured workers. HQ in Oakland.

Primary geographic focus: California
Organization type(s): Provider, Research/Policy/Organizing
Tags: Employment, Workers Rights

Worksafe is a California-based organization dedicated to eliminating all types of workplace hazards. Worksafe advocates for protective worker health and safety laws and effective remedies for injured workers, watchdogs government agencies to ensure they enforce these laws, and engages in campaigns in coalition with unions, workers, community, environmental and legal organizations, and scientists to eliminate hazards and toxic chemicals from the workplace.

To protect the most vulnerable of California workers, Worksafe engages in impact litigation and provides legal training, technical assistance, and advocacy support to legal services programs who serve low wage and immigrant workers.

Worksafe began in the late 1970s when a group of labor, community, and occupational health educators and activists came together to advocate for safety and health for California’s workers. The organization has roots in two past groups, BACOSH (Bay Area Committee on Occupational Safety and Health) and SCCOSH (Santa Clara Center on Occupational Safety and Health). These two organizations became CalCOSH in 2004, and the name of the organization was changed to Worksafe in 2006.

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