Catholic Charities Community Services – Familias Unidas Immigration Program (AZ)

Nonprofit in Maricopa County that provides low-cost legal help in addition to a variety of social services.
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Primary geographic focus: Arizona
Organization type(s): Provider

Catholic Charities helps reunite those who are in our country legally with minor children and spouses who remain in their country of origin.

More than 60 percent of our caseload is helping refugees—those granted refugee status by the United Nations and invited here by our federal government—to reunite with their spouses and minor children who were left in their country of origin.Nearly 40 percent of our caseload is helping U.S. citizens and those with legal residency secure residency for their spouse and/or children.

Our legal services include:
•Application for citizenship
•Petitions to bring relatives to the United States
•Applications for work authorization
•Information about pending immigration and naturalization cases
•Legal representation in political asylum and deportation
•Petitions for battered spouses and children

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