Connecticut Legal Rights Project

A statewide non-profit agency which provides legal services to low income individuals with mental health conditions, who reside in hospitals or the community.
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Primary geographic focus: Connecticut
Organization type(s): Provider

CLRP represents clients in accordance with their expressed preferences in administrative, judicial, and legislative venues to enforce their legal rights and assure that personal choices are respected and individual self-determination is protected. CLRP develops and supports initiatives to promote full community integration which maximizes opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency.

Due to a lack of available resources and staff, CLRP attorneys and paralegals will only offer representation in cases that have substantial legal merit, and cannot accept every case.


News Story

Advocates Rush To Save Healthcare Programs For Low-Income Residents

Christine Stuart
October 10, 2017
Many lawmakers are unaware that the health care cut to the program was in both budget proposals.

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