Cuban American Bar Association Pro Bono Project (FL)

Established in 1984. Providing members of our community that cannot afford an attorney with adequate legal services that they need to preserve their legal rights and access to our courts
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Primary geographic focus: Florida
Organization type(s): Provider

CABA Pro Bono’s mission is to assist the poor and indigent community in Miami-Dade County Florida by connecting them with attorney volunteers regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. CABA Pro Bono further strives to support its volunteer attorneys with access to training, CLE education and mentoring.

The success of CABA Pro Bono is reflected through the commitment of our referral attorneys, members, friends, law firms and private corporations who demonstrate their support by volunteering time, effort and funding. Without their support, CABA Pro Bono could not exist.

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