Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society (FL)

Program commenced in 1975 to provide free quality legal advocacy to Seminole County’s economically disadvantaged persons to improve their quality of life and enhance their self-sufficiency.
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Primary geographic focus: Florida
Organization type(s): Provider

SCBALAS renders FREE legal services to low income families, individuals, veterans, disabled and senior citizens in Seminole County in family and civil cases. We operate under a three tier service delivery model. Under this system, our legal services are divided into 1) evaluation, workshops and advice 2) pro bono clinics, and brief services 3) direct legal representation. By providing services under this model, our staff can bring the widest range of assistance to the greatest number of eligible residents.

The legal aid society receives many requests for assistance. In order to efficiently utilize our limited resources, guidelines have been established based on the type of case and financial need. We try to accommodate as many clients as possible without jeopardizing the high quality of representation.

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