Polk County Bar Association – Volunteer Lawyers Project (Iowa)

Pro bono program in Polk County, IA. Polk County lawyers donate more than 5,000 hours of their time annually to ensure that every client with legal needs can access the justice system.
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Primary geographic focus: Iowa
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Pro Bono

The VLP is the primary conduit for thousands of pro bono clients in Polk County. The VLP does not operate under statutory or policy-based limitations regarding citizenship, alienage, or marital dissolution numbers. Therefore, for many clients, the Polk County VLP is their best and sometimes their only option for legal representation. The VLP staff screen requests for assistance and match the needs of clients with the attorneys who can provide assistance. They also coordinate monthly legal clinic programs to match attorneys with clients.

The time you donate is essential. So are your dollars. As you can imagine, the requests for service have continued to increase due to difficult economic times. The VLP is funded through two primary sources – donations from the bar and grant funding from the Interest on Lawyer Trust Account (“IOLTA”) program. Your donations are more important than ever to the continued work of the VLP this year because IOLTA funding has been significantly reduced because of lower interest rates and decreased remittances.

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