Mid-shore Council on Family Violence (MD)

A comprehensive domestic violence program which provides support and services to victims in crisis and through their transition to self-sufficiency and independence.
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Primary geographic focus: Maryland
Organization type(s): Provider

The MSCFV serves the largest geographic region – the counties of Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot. Population in these five rural counties is approximately 155,000 and slightly isolated from the larger metropolitan areas of the state. Agriculture, light manufacturing, seafood and recreational industries support the economy of the area.

The area covers approximately 2,016 square miles. In 2012, MSCFV provided services to 1,230 individuals. Services provided: 492 Counseling/Crisis Counseling sessions, 224 Legal Accompaniments, 404 Legal Advocacy, 333 Legal Information and Referrals, over 6,000 other information and referrals and staff responded to 449 Hotline Calls.

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