Legal Assistance of Dakota County (MN)

A private, non-profit organization that provides critical civil legal services to low-income families and individuals in Dakota County, Minnesota.
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Primary geographic focus: Minnesota
Organization type(s): Provider

Our primary focus is Family Law, the most important area of law affecting low-income people. These cases frequently involve Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Divorce, and Domestic Abuse. LADC also addresses low-income needs in other areas of law, including Consumer Law, Criminal Record Expungement, Immigration, Schools, Social Services, Taxes and Youth.

LADC has been addressing the civil legal needs of low-income people since 1972. Our current services include:

  • Free representation in court for Family Law cases *
  • Free representation in court for cases in other areas of civil law *
  • Free legal advice for qualified low-income applicants.
  • Free referral services to private attorneys practicing in relevant legal areas.

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