Door, The (NY)

Nonprofit serving more than 11,000 young people from all over New York City with holistic services.
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Primary geographic focus: New York
Organization type(s): Provider

he Door’s mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment.

Since 1972, The Door has helped a diverse and rapidly growing population of disconnected youth in New York City gain the tools they need to become successful, in school, work and in life.

While we pride ourselves on offering all of our services under one roof, The Door is also focused on impacting the lives of young people throughout the city – and the world – and, as such, has served as a model for other, similar organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

As the needs of New York City youth continue to shift and change, we work hard to shift our services in response.


News Story

A Rule Is Changed for Young Immigrants, and Green Card Hopes Fade

Liz Robbins
New York Times (NYT)
April 18, 2018
Under a new interpretation, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said that applicants in New York who were over 18, but not yet 21, when they began the application process no longer qualify.

News Story

Lawsuit Claims Some Young Immigrants Treated Unfairly Under New Policy

Corinne Ramey
Wall Street Journal (WSJ)
June 7, 2018
Lawyers say federal authorities have been denying a special status to immigrants in New York aged 18 through 20.

News Story

What’s Happening With the Separated Children in New York?

Liz Robbins
New York Times (NYT)
July 16, 2018
Months after hundreds of immigrant youth were separated from their parents at the southwestern border and sent to New York, some are now being sent back south to rejoin them.

Audio , News Story

Four Weeks After Judge’s Deadline, Numerous Migrant Children Remain in New York

Beth Fertig
August 22, 2018
Nationally, 565 children were still waiting to be returned to their parents, according to a status update last week. Another update is expected this Friday.

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