Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

Founded in 1969. Law firm that helps individuals and organizations turn to address laws, policies and practices that perpetuate discrimination, inequality and poverty.
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Primary geographic focus: Pennsylvania
Organization type(s): Provider

We were founded as one of the original Lawyers Committees for Civil Rights Under Law in the midst of the civil rights movement, then incorporated by five past and then-present Chancellors of the Philadelphia Bar Association to secure the future of this firm of skilled attorneys. Our attorneys and staff use high-impact legal strategies – including class action lawsuits, policy advocacy, community organizing and education – to secure significant, long-lasting change for our clients.

Our clients are people with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income individuals and communities, formerly incarcerated people , and the advocacy organizations that represent them in the Philadelphia region. Living with discrimination and poverty, they are denied access to vital resources that every person needs in order to enjoy even the rudiments of equal citizenship – an education, health care, a home, a healthy environment, a job, and the unencumbered right to vote.


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Cities Are Starting To Address The Eviction Crisis That’s Devastated Poor Tenants

Huffington Post
June 12, 2018
Evictions can plunge an already struggling tenant even deeper into poverty.

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New $65M legal center hopes to be game changer for Philly’s poor

Aaron Moselle
May 28, 2019
Low-income residents in need of free legal services will soon be better connected to Philadelphia’s network of non-profit resources.

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Renters Are Being Forced From Their Homes Despite Eviction Moratoriums Meant to Protect Them

Alana Semuels
April 15, 2020

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