Support Center for Child Advocates (PA)

Provides legal assistance and social service advocacy for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia County. Volunteer models serving children in the country. Since its founding in 1977, Child Advocates has trained more than 8,000 attorneys.
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Primary geographic focus: Pennsylvania
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Children & Juvenile

Child Advocates seeks to protect children by securing social services, finding alternative homes and helping them testify in court. For all of the children committed to our care, we work to ensure safety, health, education, family permanency and access to justice. Systemically, we promote collaborative, multi-disciplinary casework and solutions to recurrent problems. For the community, we provide educational programs to increase awareness about the problems of and ways to prevent child abuse. Whenever possible, Child Advocates seeks to maintain children and families in their own homes. Respected for diligent and effective advocacy throughout more than 38 years of service, Child Advocates attorneys and social workers move public systems to deliver entitled services and private providers to open their doors to needy children and their families.

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