South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN)

Founded in 1984. SCVAN sponsors training and events, and manages four grant-funded programs that provide direct services and resources to our state's crime victims.
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Primary geographic focus: South Carolina
Organization type(s): Provider

SCVAN programs provide:

  • Emergency Funds for crime victims
  • Information and education via a research website and listserv
  • Resources for victims (‚ÄúSurvival Guides”, “Victim View Videos”, Resource Directory)
  • Culturally and linguistically competent legal services and referrals for foreign-born crime victims
  • Referrals to criminal justice, health and social service providers
  • Support for Sexual Assault / Forensic Nurse Examiners & Sexual Assault Response Teams
  • Advocacy within the criminal justice system
  • Training and technical assistance for victim service providers, criminal justice professionals and related service providers

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