Rappahannock Legal Services (VA)

non-profit corporation that provides free, high-quality, civil legal assistance to low income individuals and families. We have three offices located in Fredericksburg, Tappahannock, and Culpeper counties, VA.
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Primary geographic focus: Virginia
Organization type(s): Provider

Today, Rappahannock Legal Services operates 3 offices with 12 full-time and 3 part-time staff providing free legal services in non-fee generating civil matters to those who cannot afford an attorney.

The vast majority of RLS’ cases are either family (primarily custody, support and domestic violence), consumer finance, income maintenance/health, or housing. For the fiscal year ending 6/30/11, RLS represented clients in 1,555 legal matters, including 1,336 matters handled by 6 staff attorneys and 2.67 paralegals and 219 matters handled pro bono by a panel of over 30 private attorneys.

Services provided ranged from counsel and advice to full representation in court and administrative hearings.

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