Chelan-Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services (WA)

Helps pair low-income people with civil legal problems in Chelan and Douglas Counties with volunteer attorneys from our local Chelan-Douglas Bar. Our volunteers provide our clients with high quality, pro bono legal services.
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Primary geographic focus: Washington
Organization type(s): Provider

In advice clinics an attorney meets with a client for one-half hour and gives the client advice and/or brief services. Anyone who qualifies as low-income can have a meeting with an attorney about any legal problem, with the exception of criminal problems. In some cases, VAS will attempt to obtain a lawyer for representation in court. VAS does not have attorneys on staff. All legal services provided by VAS are volunteer hours of attorneys from the Chelan-Douglas Bar.

If you neet assistance from VAS, call CLEAR @ 1-888-201-1014. CLEAR can give you limited legal advice and if you still need help, CLEAR will refer you to VAS. VAS has bilingual services. People with family law problems should generally start with either Community Action or the Court House Facilitator unless they just want advice and are not ready to start the paperwork – then they should call CLEAR.

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