Kitsap Legal Services (WA)

Member organization of the Alliance for Equal Justice, the umbrella network of civil legal aid programs for low-income populations in Washington State. Clinics are held in Bremerton, Suquamish, Bainbridge Island, and Port Orchard.
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Primary geographic focus: Washington
Organization type(s): Provider

The provision of free legal services is of great benefit to low-income residents of Kitsap County. Timely intervention by volunteer attorneys helps families and individuals preserve their homes, assert consumer rights, obtain protection from violence, and secure income or benefits. Attorneys can quickly identify and resolve legal problems before situations needlessly deteriorate. The programs of Kitsap Legal Services are designed to alleviate some of the harshest effects of the economic downturn and help preempt a costly spiral of social problems. Unlawful evictions have been overturned, job discrimination has been adjudicated, and Chapter 7 bankruptcies have helped seniors and others with extremely high medical bills obtain a fresh start financially.

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