National not-for-profit organization that increases the prospect of justice for all survivors of sexual violence through legal assistance, policy advocacy, and institutional training.
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Primary geographic focus: NATIONAL
Organization type(s): Provider
Tags: Sexual Assault

  • SurvJustice assists survivors of any sex, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation because discrimination is antithetical to our mission of justice.
  • SurvJustice recognizes sexual violence as a spectrum that includes rape, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms gender- or sexual identity-based violence.
  • SurvJustice enforces victims’ rights within any system of justice to empower survivors and prevent re-victimization when accessing justice.

SurvJustice realizes that justice may mean something different to every survivor, whether a criminal conviction, civil remedy, administrative sanction, systematic institutional change, or acknowledgment of wrongdoing.



Betsy DeVos took away my moment of justice

Laura Dunn
Washington Post
September 11, 2017
DeVos has positioned herself as the patron saint of those who claim, preposterously, that students being falsely accused of rape is just as prevalent and just as important a problem as students being raped.

News Story

Campus Assault Survivors Are Feeling Left Behind By #MeToo

Amelia Harnish
February 13, 2018
Among the many areas facing cuts in president Trumps budget: The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, which investigates charges against schools for mishandling sexual assault claims and Title IX violations.


Victim-Turned-Victim’s Rights Attorney Builds National Organization

Devin D. Thorpe
September 6, 2016
Profile of SurvJustice.

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