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The ABA is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.



An LSC grant program is trying to increase access to justice through tech

Stephanie Francis Ward
ABA Journal
February 1, 2020
Since 2000, approximately $65 million has been awarded by the TIG program.

News Story

Attorneys question presence of tech industry insiders on California bar task force for reforming legal industry

Lyle Moran
ABA Journal
December 5, 2019
A California state bar task force crafting proposals to overhaul regulation of the state’s legal marketplace has drawn criticism from attorneys who believe some of its members evaluating whether to open up the legal industry to nonlawyer ownership and greater technology-driven legal services have conflicts of interest.

News Story

Focus on client outcomes, says new report on legal aid data

Jason Tashea
ABA Journal
June 20, 2018
A new report released Wednesday calls for civil legal aid to rethink how it uses data and tracks impact.

News Story

Advocates promote a right to counsel in civil cases, too

Erin Gordon
ABA Journal
February 7, 2018
A growing movement is promoting a right to counsel in critical cases that involve housing, child custody and domestic violence.


How can lawyers help Hurricane Harvey victims? Disaster response attorneys share tips

Lee Rawles
ABA Journal
August 29, 2017
Find out how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in this special episode of Asked and Answered.

News Story

Proposed ’18 budget would cut LSC by 24%, increase funds for law enforcement and immigration court

Lee Rawles
ABA Journal
June 30, 2017
Martha Bergmark, a former LSC president, says she is extremely concerned about the proposed cut to a vital organization which has already experienced previous funding losses.

News Story

ABA president advocates a $450M budget for LSC in letter to Senate

Lee Rawles
ABA Journal
May 15, 2017
"Funding for equal justice under federal law cannot be shouldered by state and local governments as an unfunded mandate,” Klein wrote.

News Story

Legal aid spending has a seven-fold economic impact, Florida study finds

ABA Journal
February 2, 2017
Legal aid also saves money for governments that don’t have to provide emergency shelter because of help provided to tenants and low-income homeowners, the study found.

News Story

Professor Tanina Rostain has her students developing access-to-justice apps

Terry Carter
ABA Journal
September 23, 2015
Profile of professor Tanina Rostain's course in developing technology to increase access to justice.

News Story

Self-help centers could better serve consumers by helping them find lawyers, survey indicates

G.M. Filisko
ABA Journal
February 1, 2015
According to But Bonnie Hough, a new national survey reveals another gap: consumers who can afford legal services but still aren't getting them.

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