KLCC (local NPR Eugene, OR)

a National Public Radio affiliate for Eugene, Oregon, and the southern Willamette Valley.
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Primary geographic focus: Oregon
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New Bill Would Provide Civil Legal Attorneys To Oregon Women’s Prison

Meerah Powell
KLCC (local NPR Eugene, OR)
June 19, 2019
A bill that would provide attorneys to Oregon’s only women's prison has passed the House and Senate and is currently awaiting Gov. Kate Brown’s signature.

News Story

Victims Of Campus Violence Have Free Legal Counsel

Tiffany Eckert
KLCC (local NPR Eugene, OR)
September 29, 2016
The Domestic Violence Clinic at the University of Oregon will use part of the $300,000 Department of Justice grant to pay half of the salary of attorney Kasia Mlynski. She provides free victim support services protected under attorney/client privilege.

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