Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid (WAOCLA)


Primary geographic focus: Washington
Organization type(s): Government
Acronym or short name: WAOCLA



There’s truly big need for civil legal aid

Olympian (WA)
November 14, 2015
The 2015 Washington State Civil Legal Needs Update study makes the case for greater legislative action.


Justice for all threatened by inaction in Olympia

Seattle Times
December 7, 2015
If lawmakers kvetch about tapping the general fund — despite the compelling justice needs — they will need to latch on to something creative and reliable such as a legal-services fee or license hike. Equal justice is a core state responsibility. No excuses.


Shortage of legal aid tips the scales of justice against the poor

Shawn Vestal
Spokesman-Review (WA)
December 30, 2016
Large majorities of low-income households face serious legal issues each year, and large majorities do not seek or receive the help of an attorney.

News Story

Legal aid leaders prep for fight over Trump budget

Jefferson Robbins
Wenatchee World (WA)
March 22, 2017
Presidential budget proposals seldom pass Congress intact, but Doran says the threat to civil legal aid can’t be ignored.

News Story

An increase in state funding means more help for those facing civil legal issues

Natalie Breymeyer
Skagit Valley Herald (WA)
August 27, 2017
On June 30, funding for civil legal aid statewide was increased by $5.15 million. This will allow NJP to expand its services and offer legal aid to more people.

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