Call for Justice (MN)

Statewide clearinghouse for legal referrals and training on accessing justice for low-income people.
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Primary geographic focus: Minnesota
Organization type(s): Other

There are two components to the Call for Justice Project. The first is more effective and targeted legal referrals in the Twin Cities metro area. This is accomplished by collaborating with United Way 211 and low-income legal providers and resources to make it easier for low-income people to obtain legal assistance.

The second component is forming collaborations and engaging in endeavors that increase civil legal access. An example of this is the Call for Justice Legal Liaison Program (“LLP”). The LLP works to increase knowledge about resources and needs in the nonprofit legal and social service communities. We believe a network of Legal Liaisons, effectively an “Access Network,” is the best way to ensure for the exchange of relevant and timely referral-related information. With each organization designating one particular person as “the” Liaison responsible for referral-related information, the civil legal system becomes more efficient. With efficiency comes access. With access, the Justice Gap narrows.

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