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The only daily morning newspaper in Charleston, West Virginia. It is the product of a July 2015 merger between the Charleston Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail.
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Primary geographic focus: West Virginia
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Legal Aid gives domestic violence victims meaningful options

Erica Pulling
Charleston Gazette-Mail
October 7, 2018
Does it surprise you to know that someone charged with domestic abuse has a right to a lawyer, but their victim does not?


Klein, Williams: Cuts threaten to slam courthouse door on West Virginians

Linda Klein, Marc E. Williams
Charleston Gazette-Mail
May 13, 2017
When ordinary Americans need help with life’s big problems, the Legal Services Corporation is there. But its survival is threatened. That’s why it needs help from every resident of West Virginia.

News Story

Budget would cut funds for nonprofit that helps people navigate court system

Kate White
Charleston Gazette-Mail
March 16, 2017
Trump’s plan zeros out funding for the Legal Services Corporation and, in turn, about $2.2 million of Legal Aid of West Virginia’s annual budget of about $10 million.

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