Colorado Center on Law and Policy

Providing policymakers, opinion leaders, nonprofit organizations and the general public with research and education about issues of import to lower-income Coloradans.
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Primary geographic focus: Colorado
Organization type(s): Research/Policy/Organizing


News Story

Amid soaring rents, thousands face evictions in Colorado annually

Jason Pohl
Coloradoan (Fort Collins)
July 28, 2017
As wages stagnate and rents soar, more than 37,000 evictions were filed statewide in either county or district court last year, according to data compiled by the Colorado Judicial Branch and analyzed by the Coloradoan.

News Story

Denver landlords tried to evict nearly 8,000 households last year. The success rate largely depended on one factor: attorneys

Jennifer Brown
Denver Post
September 13, 2017
About 1 percent of Denver renters hire a lawyer when facing eviction.

News Story

Low-income renters at risk of eviction in Denver can now seek legal help from a City Council-backed defense fund

Jon Murray
Denver Post
June 13, 2018
Council offices and members contributed $131,500 for program that’s expected to last 6-9 months.

News Story

New Program Hopes to Give Tenants a Fair Chance in Eviction Cases

Sara Fleming
Westword (Denver)
June 13, 2018
With rent prices spiking, Denver is in the midst of an eviction crisis.

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