Legal Services State Support

State Support's unique role is to provide information, connections, and tools for the public and for advocates, and to support the civil legal aid programs who share that mission.
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Primary geographic focus: Minnesota
Organization type(s): Other

Established by the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition in 1981, Legal Services State Support (State Support) improves access to justice for all Minnesotans through leveraged, coordinated service innovations. Since our inception, State Support has launched, interactive legal document assembly,, online intake for legal help, on-demand trainings, and Minnesota Legal Advice Online. These innovations maximize limited resources and expand the reach of legal aid to provide critical help to underserved communities across Minnesota. Our work can be summarized into the following four focus areas:

Educate the public about legal issues.

Improve client referrals to providers.

Strengthen the advocate community.

Expand free legal services.

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