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A Right to a Lawyer to Save Your Home

New York Times (NYT)
September 23, 2016
New York City, where affordable housing is in cripplingly short supply, could become the first jurisdiction in the country to require lawyers for all lower-income people facing eviction.

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NYC’s Legal Assistance Program For Tenants Is Saving Thousands From Eviction

Jake Bittle
Gothamist (NYC)
November 15, 2018
Court-appointed lawyers have started to transform the predatory environment of housing court, resulting in fewer evictions, but some eligible tenants still slip through the cracks, and implementation has been more successful in some boroughs than others.

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Justice Gap Remains Wide, Hearing Witnesses Say

Tania Karas
New York Law Journal
September 23, 2014
Despite additional funding, the justice gap is nowhere close to being closed testified multiple people at a Lippman's Task Force public hearing.

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