Fundación Fondo de Acceso a la Justicia

Nonprofit that provides legal assistance to low-income families.
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Primary geographic focus: Puerto Rico
Organization type(s): Provider


News Story

Hurricane Maria hit women in Puerto Rico the hardest. And they’re the ones building it back.

Justine Calma
March 8, 2018
As Puerto Rico recovers from Hurricane Maria, women like Martínez-Román are doing double duty — leading community efforts to rebuild while managing households with fewer resources.

News Story

Spring break in Puerto Rico? After María, that means ‘rebuild,’ not ‘relax’

Whitney Eulich
Christian Science Monitor
March 23, 2018
From Boy Scouts to Harvard Law, many students from the US mainland are spending vacation time volunteering here: helping to clear debris, navigate FEMA forms, and restore damaged forests.

News Story

FEMA has either denied or not approved most appeals for housing aid in Puerto Rico

Nicole Acevedo
NBC News
July 17, 2018
"The truth is that we’re here because this is ours," said a frustrated resident who is still missing part of his roof.


They lost homes in Hurricane Maria, but didn’t have deeds. FEMA rejected their claims.

Andres Viglucci
Miami Herald
September 20, 2018
The overriding reason: agency regulations and policies that require recipients of assistance to prove they own and occupy the damaged dwellings.

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