A digital news content provider and website in New Jersey. According to a report in The New York Times in 2012, it was the largest provider of digital news in the state at the time.
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Primary geographic focus: New Jersey
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Lawsuit says video hearings in immigration court deny due process, rush deportations

Terrence T. McDonald
February 13, 2019
A group of immigrant detainees allege in a new lawsuit that a shift in policy allowing for video teleconference hearings in immigration court violates their rights to due process and was created to rush deportations.

News Story

N.J. city is fighting a ‘wave of gentrification’ with these free lawyers

Karen Yi
January 3, 2019
Newark has laid the groundwork to ensure low-income tenants facing evictions have free legal representation in court as of the summer -- an ambitious move by the city as long-term residents worry they’ll be displaced by new development.


Tenants should have the right to legal representation before eviction

Paula Franzese
April 3, 2018
Our State's courts have become inundated with eviction actions, as tenants struggle to make ends meet.

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