HIAS Pennsylvania

Organization works with persons of all ages, from infants to centarians. The organization maintains a tradition of special concern for women and children who have escaped family violence or repressive governments that condone discrimination.
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Primary geographic focus: Pennsylvania
Organization type(s): Provider


News Story

These pen-pal programs for immigrants in detention are a way to show you care

Heather Dockray
July 25, 2018
Some of those detained have no one in America waiting for them — forget anyone willing to listen.

News Story

The government pays for migrant children’s lawyers. Challenge the government, and they can lose their funding

Patrick Michels
Reveal News
November 13, 2018
The U.S. refugee agency that cares for children who have crossed the border alone has for years threatened to cut off funding to legal advocates if they challenge a child’s detention or placement in juvenile jails, according to attorneys who have worked within the system.

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